Control Series CS-1600 Recording Console

Built to and in some cases exceeding the legendary standards set by 1960's Langevin and Altec - the Control Series continues the tradition of expertly crafted hand-built US designed and manufactured audio equipment that's built to last a lifetime.

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Curating, restoring, and selling unique vintage audio gear since 2005. Specializing in the restoration of vintage recording consoles, tube preamplifiers, tape machines, microphones and effects processors. In the past we've restored and sold consoles made by Langevin, EMI, Electrodyne, Sound Techniques, Altec, Spectra Sonics, Quad Eight, Siemens, RCA, Neve, API, Gates, Collins, General Electric, Gately, MCI, Calrec, BBC, McCurdy, Ward Beck Systems, Opamp Labs, Raindirk, Electrodyne, Ampex, ADM, Auditronics, Stephens Electronics, Sphere, Philips and Studer.

Folie Audio / Ashfield, Massachusetts USA